Monopoly Millionaire (MMG)— A Blockchain Gaming Project That Changing The Game Box Of Finance

Andreas Simo
5 min readMar 19, 2022

Accepting you have any contribution in Pay2Earn gaming or expanded reality, it simply requires several snapshots of examining before you comprehend this could be the VR Metaverse underpinning of the year. The Monopoly Millionaire Game endeavor’s fundamental community is to push the greater part to draw in with the Metaverse unquestionably. The plans for the destiny of this adventure are so completely analyzed, you wouldn’t be absolved for thinking they look like other normal endeavors of its sort. The gathering behind the Monopoly Millionaire Game isn’t just talking the conversation, they are endeavoring to describe the walk!

About Monopoly Millionaire (MMG)

Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an extremely financial game box,which is made for the NFT cash and game development. In this assignment, all tokens are made by NFT. All monetary patrons need to transparently buy tokens to get the worth. As a monetary benefactor in MMG, you can get 5% of the advantage from the ERC-20 Token trade accepting you purchase tokens. The undertaking party will move benefits to monetary supporters at ordinary stretches by repurchasing Ethereum from discretionary market with saves.

Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is a NFT show considering Ethereum. It arranges NFT cash and games. Monopoly Millionaire game box is a game thing which has the characteristics of electronic assets and course, taking into account which it arranges blockchain development.

MMG Metaverse Game Application

Monopoly Millionaire Game is a blockchain-based metaverse stage that has a crypto-based monetary system that will empower its clients. Here clients will really need to feel a metaverse where they can perform various activities as truly. Monopoly Millionaire Game built a metaverse system that relies upon blockchain advancement which won’t simply offer the standard metaverse yet what’s more MAAS level help helping all individuals with having the choice to participate in the metaverse even more basically and easily. Later here, clients will really need to experience a metaverse climate that is decentralized and has an organization system that will allow clients to check out stage exercises by projecting a voting form. Moreover not simply that, this will have a round money related model which will be maintained by the neighborhood it, so this will give advantages to the individuals.

Highlights given by Monopoly Millionaire Game

Monopoly Millionaire Game has various features which are that make it hang out in this industry. For example, for instance, a game box, later this will give a game box containing various games that clients can play really and securely and they can get benefits from their game activities. Other than that, there are a couple features of the Monopoly Millionaire Game:

  • High Horizontal Scalability: clients, especially architects, will really need to experience an astoundingly adaptable stage. Monopoly Millionaire Game sponsorships virtualization of the intercommunication module which will help headway.
  • High-throughput Metaverse Transaction: clients will really need to experience a phase with high throughput yet not relinquishing security in client trades.
  • Decentralized Federated Identity Management: clients can experience the character the chiefs features made by Monopoly Millionaire Game. It will regulate characters in a decentralized manner and can be used on different stages.
  • Virtual Interface: clients can experience a standard association point on the metaverse. Monopoly Millionaire Game means to work with Nvidia, AMD, Oculus, Valve, and Microsoft to inspect and conclude these association point shows and standards.
  • Genuine RAW: clients will really need to see the RAW module manufactured unequivocally for NFT and Oracle truly made by Monopoly Millionaire Game. Likewise later Monopoly Millionaire Game will collaborate with MKR RAW which works in this.

This huge number of components are acquainted in a simple with comprehend and responsive place of cooperation where clients will really need to experience this enormous number of features even more fundamentally and easily. The architects of Monopoly Millionaire Game arranged this stage to be straightforward, especially planners who are enthusiastic about the metaverse, with the objective that it will help fashioners who with expecting to check out the metaverse even more, really, and securely.

MMG Token

Monopoly Millionaire Game shipped off a utility token to transform into a token on the stage. MMG is an emblematic that will have a lot of value, especially on the Monopoly Millionaire Game stage. A while later, Users who hold MMG tokens are equipped for have the choice to include these tokens for various things like trades, adventures, organization, and various things. The plan is Monopoly Millionaire Game means to pass MMG tokens on through airdrop and IPO and clients can get these tokens easily.


  • Name: Monopoly Millionaire Game
  • Ticker: MMG
  • Decimals: 6
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
  • Contract: 0x1c376275791069349fef8bd9f431382d384657a3

Token Use Cases

  • Organization.
  • Purchasing land in MMG Metaverse.
  • Purchase things in MMG Metaverse.
  • Portion from Advertisers.
  • Virtual Space Leasing.
  • Pay for Previews and Interactions.
  • Adventure vehicle.

In Summary

Monopoly Millionaire Game is a phase that bright lights on the metaverse and necessities to help architects all around to have the choice to look into the metaverse. Monopoly Millionaire Game structures metaverse systems that rely upon blockchain development which doesn’t give the normal metaverse, but MAAS level help that will help clients who with expecting to check out the metaverse even more basically and easily. So that with what is introduced by Monopoly Millionaire Game, it will really need to develop a decentralized metaverse climate that has an economy and organization.

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